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What should my child wear for class?


Can wear leotards by themselves, with a pair of biker shorts on top or with a pair of elastic-waistband shorts. Wearing shorts on top can help any gymnast that feels self-conscious about the leotard moving around during class.


 Should always wear a t-shirt and shorts with no buttons, pockets, zippers or snaps.


What is the best age to start a child in gymnastics?

Right now is the best age! We have seen students begin gymnastics in their early teens and go on to have very successful gymnastics careers. It’s also beneficial to place your child in a gymnastics class as early as 18 months. You know your child best and know what he/she can handle.

Other Things to Think About

Bare Feet:

All gymnasts should practice barefoot. Wearing socks could cause slips or falls.


If your gymnast wears glasses you want to make sure they won’t fall off. Some glasses are made for sports. Other glasses you can secure with a band.


Girls or boys with long hair should pull their hair back in a pony tail, bun or braid to keep their hair from getting in their eyes. Having hair fall in their eyes is a safety hazard when it affects their vision.


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