Girls Classes


Level 1 Bronze, 5+ Years Old

(55 Minutes)

  Get a FUN and EXCITING start to the Classroom program.  During this level you will learn and grow on the 4 Olympic events (Vault, Bars, Beam and Floor) as well as focusing on your overall fitness and flexibility. We focus on movement, motor skills and skill development.


Level 2 Silver

(1.25 hour)

 This level will add skill progression intended to make the transition to level 3 smooth and fun and help them become stronger and more confident on all 4 events.  Basic tumbling moving forwards and backwards are introduced, as well getting a stronger feel for higher level gymnastics.

Level 3 Mini Gold

(2 hours)

 This is the highest level in the classroom program. Higher level skills as well as fitness, flexibility, and strength will all be learned as they continue to grow as an AMAZING gymnast. All levels will have part of their training on our tumble track!



Winter Class Times/Prices

Bronze: 5+ yrs
$225 for the session

Mondays 4:00 PM
7 Spots Available
Mondays 5:10 PM

7 Spots Available
Mondays 6:15 PM
7 Spots Available
Wednesdays 4:00 PM
7 Spots available

Wednesdays 5:40 PM
21 Spots Available

$250 for the session

Wednesdays 4:00 PM
8 Spots Available

Wednesdays 6:45 PM
8 Spots Available

Mini Gold:
$300 for the session

Tuesdays 4:30 PM
-8 Spots available