Hello everyone! I just want to touch base with you about KAATS Spring Session. With the current extended timeline on businesses not being able to open again until May 1st, I am working on a solution. We started the Spring session March 1st and got 2 weeks in before the shut down. Now with the extended shutdown to May 1st that leaves us 5 more weeks off. If and when we are able to start the week of May 1st we will get 5 more weeks in with the Spring Session ending June 4th. I will prorate the summer session based on how many weeks we miss. Please hang in there as this is unprecedented waters and I am doing the best to make things work for everyone! Thank you for being a part of my KAATS Family and we will get though this together! Thank you so much! Kathy


Cancellation Information

If KAATS needs to close due to weather we will post it on:

You can also call the gym and listen to the announcement on the answering machine​.