Due to the Governors order,

we will be closed until December 19.

We will be adding 4 weeks onto the end of the Winter Session. 

Stay tuned to both our website and Facebook for any updates.

Stay safe out there and we can't wait to see you all again!  

We are now taking Winter Registrations! 

How to register for classes:

1. Print and fill out the Winter Registration Form from the Registration Forms Tab

2. Print, Read and Sign the Assumption of Risk Form under the Registration Forms Tab

(If you have already filled this form out, we do NOT need another one)

3. Read the Phase 4 Re-Opening Sheet under the Registration Forms Tab

4. Bring in both the Registration Form and Assumption of Risk form to sign up for classes

*Space is limited so sign up fast!

Please note, we will be taking registration ONLY IN PERSON or BY MAIL.

No, email or over the phone. Thank you for your understanding.



Cancellation Information

If KAATS needs to close due to weather we will post it on:

You can also call the gym and listen to the announcement on the answering machine​.